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Lasso Healthcare MSA 2019

"Are you Medicare eligible?"  Ever heard of a Medicare Medical Savings Account plan?

Gain more control over your healthcare with the Lasso Healthcare MSA.

Our $0 premium plan combines high-deductible health coverage with a special medical savings account.  Receive yearly deposits into your account.

It is called "consumer directed healthcare."  We deposit money into your account, and you decide what healthcare services to spend it on.

Unlike insurance company directed healthcare, there are no provider networks, no prior authorizations or controlled referrals.

Once you reach your plan deductible, Lasso pays 100% of your Medicare-covered expenses.

It’s Medicare, well spent. 

What Do People Like Most About Lasso Medicare Advantage MSA Plans?

  • $0 Monthly Premium
  • No Network Restrictions
  • Get $2520 per Year 
  • Ability to Select Part D Rx Plan
  • Regulated by CMS
  • Maximum Out of Pocket Limits