How to Enroll Online for Original Medicare

Enrolling in Original Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance)

Enroll online at

Answer the following questions, as indicated.
• Yes or NO? — “Do you wish to apply for Medicare ONLY,
but not for monthly retirement cash benefits at this time?”

• Yes or NO — "Do you want to enroll in Medicare Part B?"
• Yes or NO — "Are you covered under a group health plan?"
• Yes or NO — "Are you covered under a group health plan through your own current employment?”

Write down the confirmation number and print the receipt.

Watch for your Medicare card or confirmation letter in the mail in +/-10 days.
Continue with your current employer group health plan (the primary payer)

Note: Contact Medicare Caddy two to three months before you will retire/give up your current insurance and need complete Medicare coverage.